Next quiz

This setting specifies the quiz that is to be shown if the post-condition is satisfied.

Same quiz
Show the quiz that has just been completed

Next quiz
Show the next quiz in this unit, according to sort order

Skip quiz
Show the quiz after the next quiz, according to the sort order.

Previous quiz
Show the previous quiz in this unit, according to sort order.

Unseen quiz
Show a quiz from this unit that the current user has not seen yet.

Unanswered quiz
Show a quiz from this unit that the current user has not seen, or has seen but not yet made responses to any of the questions in the quiz.

Incorrectly answered quiz
Show a quiz which has not yet been answered correctly, i.e. a quiz for which the score is not 100%.

Random quiz
Show a random quiz from this unit. The quiz may already have been attempted.

Menu of next quizzes
Show a menu of quizzes from this unit that, according to the pre-conditions and other access restrictions for the quizzes, are available to the student

Menu of all quizzes
Show a menu of all quizzes from this unit. Quizzes are available to students will have links to the start of the quiz. Quizzes that are not available will have no such link.

End of unit
The end of the unit has been reached. The status of the unit to will be set to completed and, depending on the unit's exit page settings, the student will be shown either the exit page, the next Moodle activity, or the Moodle course page.

Specific quiz
The teacher may also select a specific quiz as the next quiz. To avoid confusion caused by quizzes with identical names, the quiz sort numbers are appended to the quiz names.

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