Use media filter

This setting specifies the media filter to be used.

The content will not be passed through any media filters.

Moodle's standard media filters
The content will be passed through Moodle's standard media filters. These filters search for links to common types of sound and movie file, and convert those links to suitable media players.

QuizPort media filter
The content will be passed through filters which detect links, images, sounds and movies to be specified using a square bracket notation.

The square-bracket notation has the following syntax:
[url   player   width   height   options]

  • url: the relative or absolute url of the media file
  • player (optional): the name of the player to be inserted. The default value for this setting is "moodle". The standard version of the QuizPort module also offers the following players:
    dew: an mp3 player
    dyer: mp3 player by Bernard Dyer
    hbs: mp3 player from Half-Baked Software
    image: insert an image into the web page
    link: insert a link to another web page
  • width (optional): the required width of the player
  • height (optional): the required height of the player. If omitted this value will be set to the same as the width setting.
  • options (optional): a comma-separated list options to be passed to the player. Each option can be a simple on/off switch, or a name value pair.
    • name
    • name=value
    • name="some value with spaces"

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